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Mini USB massager
5600 amd
Lot: #00364 5200 amd
Power: 3 AAA batteries or USB Size: 9h10h9 cm Material: Plastic Colours: in stock You can buy the massager manual with the dispatch Handheld mini massager is designed to relieve tension in neck muscles after a long time at the computer or a long trip by car. Tumbler not take up much space and easily fits in a desk drawer or glove compartment of the vehicle. Light vibrating massager has a relaxing effect and helps to eliminate the effect of fatigue. The principle of operation of manual massager is very simple. Open the cover of a mini massager, turning the lid counter-clockwise. Install the batteries and close in the reverse order. Attach to any part of the body and gently push the top cover and engage himself massager vibrates. Convenient and compact handheld massager will give pleasurable sensations and help relax.

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