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Split Dildo
23000 amd
Lot: #00418 22600 amd
As simply named, it is a dildo with a natural split. It’s made of very smooth, high grade silicone and it was born in Russia. I found out about it when I got a glimpse as a response on one of my own videos, on YouTube. Of course, if it looks amazing, I’ve got to have it! And now I can tell you, this Pink Russian is amazing. (Well, pink was offered upon my request, and now you can order pink too!) Of course – if you’re alternative, you may love the red or black. My living room is all red, black and zebra but my toys are pink! Anyways, shipping! Yeah, it takes a while because it’s from Russia, but its well – worth the wait and the price is very affordable for getting something this high in quality and for finding a dildo that is unlike the rest. It was also lots of fun to see the Russian text all over my package, I had no idea what it meant, but it was cute!

Lot: #00418
Not available, but can be ordered!
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