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Tingler Vibe
17000 amd
Lot: #00538 16700 amd
Feeling little frisky? You will be with the Furry Tingler Vibe! This buddy will sooth and caress your most intimate regions. Super soft sensuous silicone with raised nubbies to vibrate you into an Erotic Frenzy! With 10 vibration modes to play with, simultaneous have been so easy! The surface of this toy is covered with hundreds of soft silicone dollops that vibrate, tease and stimulate all of your hot spots. Just imagine an army of little vibrating tongues working their way towards your G-Spot, and once they get there, you ll be treated to a sensation like no other. It will rub sensually against your vaginal walls and give direct vibration to your G-spot with its protruding head. You will definitely love the double stimulation to G-Spot and Clit at the same time, bring the pleasure to the next level. Get wild and indulge in the strong powerful vibrations today! Features:- - 10 Mode Of Vibrations - Smooth, Unscented & Phthalate free - Waterproof for Stimulator Vibrator - Color: Pink / Purple Material: 100% Soft Silicone, TPE, ABS+ PU coating Battery: 2 AAA (included)
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